Thursday, September 21, 2006

Power Gadgets - 2nd look

I recently posted about a cool new tool called  PowerGadgets. Sadly, when I  started to use it, it turned out to not be compatible with the new RC2 release of PowerShell. But after a few emails to the developers, I got an updated beta version that works with RC2. WOW - this is a seriously cool package. My next task tomorrow  is to work out how to integrate this into an Exchange 2007 dashboard - showing the numbers of mails, sizes, etc for an Exchange environment.


Dan Brinkmann said...

I would really like to get my hands on a beta of this and look at integrations into some software packages we sell. Do you have any contact info you can share with me or any way to get pre-release versions?

Carl said...

How does Power Gadgets compare with something like ( ) which is more in tune with the web2.0 philosophy and isn't restricted to desktop only, and isn't limited to PowerShell, or even windows for that matter?