Monday, September 04, 2006

Pastures New - 5 days and Counting

It would appear that there is some confusion about my new job with Global Knowledge, with some folks seeming to think I am on "Gardening Leave" until early October.For the voidance of doubt, my existing contract of employment expires this Friday coming (September 8th). From September 11th (perhaps not the most auspicious of days!), I take up the position of Chief Architect at Global Knowledge.

I'll be based in Wokingham in Berkshire, but have an EMEA-wide role. I've always wanted to work in and across Europe - it was one of the many reasons I left the USA in 1975 for pastures new. Like  many  a young man's dreams, it was something that had dropped down the priority list as I acquired a wonderful family. The new role is one I am really looking forward to and I can't wait to begin my new job.

As fate would have it, I'm not even in the country this week as I'm teaching a MOF TTT event in Zurich! Roll on Friday night!!

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