Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Library Part of ITIL

I got a good question in mail this morning - Where's the library for ITIL? Since ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, this is a pretty good question. 

For those unfamiliar, ITIL is a consistent and comprehensive documentation set of best practice for IT Service Management. It is in use by hundreds of organisations around the world. ITIL is also supported by a professional qualification scheme (See the ITIL qualification page for more details of the exams), and training to help you get qualified.

The library is a set of books, published by The UK's Office of Government Commerce. The books are not available for free on the Internet.

At present the library is as follows:

  • Software Asset Management - Book £35, CD-ROM £60 + VAT, ISBN 0113309430
  • Service Support  - Book £65, CD-ROM £150 + VAT, ISBN 0113300158
  • Service Delivery  - Book £65, CD-ROM £150 + VAT, ISBN 0113308779
  • Planning to Implement Service Management  - Book £65, CD-ROM £150 + VAT, ISBN 0113308779
  • ICT Infrastructure Management  - Book £65.00, CD-ROM £150 + VAT, ISBN 0113308655
  • Application Management  - Book £65.00, CD-ROM £150 + VAT, ISBN 0113308663
  • Security Management -  Book £44.95, no CD at this time, ISBN 011330014X.
  • The Business Perspective - Book £65.00, CD-ROM £150 + VAT, ISBN 0113308949

For further details on these books, go to the ITIL Publications page. For more information on ITIL itself, go to the ITIL Home Page.

ITIL is at present going through a major update, to become Version 3. See the ITIL Communications page for the latest status update (as of writing this blog article, the latest update is 1 Sept '06).

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