Monday, September 11, 2006

PowerGadgets: Reporting and Monitoring for IT/DB Professionals Who Don't Write Code.

I got a heads up to this upcoming product. Called PowerGadgets, it's a reporting and monitoring for IT/DB Professionals who do not want to write code. It's based on PowerShell and claims to be an enterprise reporting tool for reporting against multiple data sources including SQL, ODBC, the file system, WMI, and even system processes and the registry. This is another in the line of tools that will leverage the intrinsic greatness of PowerShell.

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Carl said...

I went to their site. Seems nice, although quite pricy, and rather limited in comparison with something like ( ) which is more in tune with the web2.0 philosophy and isn't restricted to desktop only, and isn't limited to Vista, or even windows for that matter. What is clear is that powergadgets have got a very big marketing budget.