Monday, September 25, 2006

Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh

Microsoft has now released an updated beta version of Officd 2007. Some teams would have called this Beta 3, or even RC1, but the Office team have used the snappy term "Beta 2 Technical Refresh". This is a full set of the Office applicaitons that updates the Beta 2 version released in the spring of 2006.

You can get the refreshed code from The Microsoft Download Centre. This page also has the new Save as PDF feature.  You may recall that Adobe made Microsoft remove this feature from Office 2007. However, for reasons that only a lawyer could come up with there is no problem with it being available as a download and add-on.

The refresh is an update to Beta 2, and is not a stand alone version - you have to have Beta 2 installed for this refresh to refresh.

And like Vista, Microsoft are offering Office 2007 is a bewilderingly huge array of 8 separate edtions, with different feature sets and costs. See the System Packaging page for the details of the editions, and the System Pricing Page for details of likely (US) retail costs.

A point about costs. With new computers costing under £400, the idea of charging nearly $1000 for Office Ulitmate and Vista Ultimate seems hard to justify. Of course, MS can charge what it likes. At the same time, it is doing lots to stamp out piracy. But prices like this, Open Office and Linux look increasonly good value for money.


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