Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yale University to post courses to the Internet

Thanks to a post by Elliot Masie,I see that Yale University plans to post digital videos of some courses to the Internet for free. Additionaly, transcripts in several languages are to be provided, The idea is that thils will help to make Yale more accessible.

While Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and others already offer course material online without charge, Yale is the first to focus on free video lectures. This takes the Open Content movement to a new level, moving beyond course outlines to the actual lectures and presentations.

The 18-month pilot project will provide videos, syllabus and transcripts for seven courses beginning in the 2007 academic year. They include "Introduction to the Old Testament," "Fundamentals of Physics" and "Introduction to Political Philosophy."

The courses cannot be counted toward a Yale degree, and educators say they are no substitute for actual teaching.

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