Sunday, September 10, 2006

Unemployed (for the weekend)

My previous contract employment was completed last Friday evening - so for this weekend I am unemployed. My new job as Chief Architect for Global Knowledge EMEA starts Monday morning, so I'm not out of work for much time. Sadly, I can't even collect employment!

For the first time in years, I spent Saturday afternoon doing something other than sitting in front of my PCs. I went to a yoga class, and then went for a long walk. I smelled the flowers, and talked to some of my neighbors. I came home and helped to cook up a nice dinner with a fine bottle of wine (a 1999  Spanish Ribera del Duero) then watched a DVD of House. I even went to bed early.

Tomorrow the new job starts, and I am really excited. I could probably even say I'm Super Excited. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to work across Europe - something I have wanted to do ever since I first came to the UK over 30 years ago. I've now met many of the folks I'll be working with and we share a passion for both IT Training and training excellence.

One of the first things I'm doing tomorrow is to get my new Laptop ordered. My old firm played dirty and refused to let me take my old laptop with me - but by doing so, they have done me a huge favor. I've discussed the spec with my new boss, and will be getting a Dell Latitude D820 - with the new Core 2 duo processor, lots of RAM, and nice graphics. While I'll be laptopless for the first time in over 10 years, the wait will be worth it. Intel briefed a few of us on the new Core 2 Duo processor over a year ago and it looked exciting then - it looks even better now and I look forward to getting it and to reporting back. One thing I didn't realise till yesterday, the Duo processor enables you to use a 64-bit OS! I can't wait.

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