Saturday, September 30, 2006

Installing Vista under VMware

I use VMware to run VMs and am about to create some VMs for VIsta and Longhorn. I came across a blog post by Joel Spolsky which explains that, currently, Vista has some issues running under VMware. It turns out that there's a simple work around which enables you to get it all working. I'll be testing this out over the weekend.

The third paragraph of this blog post is a little harsh - I do not expect this to be a deliberate snub to VMware. It does, however, suggest that the industry is not quite ready for Vista, and adds some frisson to the question of whether Vista is ready for the industry.


My old friend Oz asks "Why VMware?" A couple of reasons. First because I could. Those nice people at VMware gave me the license and I can use it on my new 64-bit box. Second because it's more effieicent, particularly in terms of RAM. I have a 1GB VM running Exchange and hte host is using just 700MB of RAM.

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oz said...

hey Thomas I though you bled blue ??
Why Vmware vs Microsoft Virtual PC 2004


yes that admin from Saluki

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